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Donna Block to Appear in Upcoming Velocity Network Drifting Reality TV Show

April 14, 2014 — Donna Block may look sweet and charming, but she’s taking her first step behind a race car on the new Velocity Network drifting reality TV show, “Drifting With The AllStars” ( In the show, all star international drifting Pros from the US and Japan train amateur drivers how to drift and compete to become the top drifter in each show episode.

For the millions of its fans, “drifting” is where race drivers powerslide a race car sideways through turns at high speed with control, skill and style. It has been the subject of blockbuster movies, including “The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift,” which brought in over $24 million on its opening weekend and total receipts of $158 million worldwide.

But Donna is no newcomer to racing. Her family has been involved in racing for years. Her father raced drag boats. She has an older brother who was a drag racer. And her brother Ken is a professional rally driver and star of his own viral racing videos. So look out, here comes Donna sideways in a silver Mustang.

Now airing on Sunday afternoons at 1:30PM and Tuesdays at 5;30PM EDT, “Drifting With The AllStars” helps answers the commonly asked question, “How’s that done?” As with other reality shows that spark new talent, “Drifting With The AllStars” has the potential to spark the next drifting champ. And maybe it will be Donna one day.

While drifting began in Japan, its fan base has spread worldwide to include the United States. The show reaches out to the young, excited drifting fans, of which 76% are male, 24% are female, 87% are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Donna is not the only female race driver in the show. She’s in good company with Japan’s female professional drifting phenomenon, Hiromi Kajikuma, who is one of the Pros who train the contestants to drift in the show.

"I have always loved racing, including X Games, rally racing, drifting, skateboarding, motocross and more," says Donna, who together with co-founder Thomas Smith of have helped sponsor and produce the new drifting reality TV show. "So I’ve put off following in the footsteps of my father and brothers long enough and now I’m drifting in the show."

If you would like to have more information about the show, or to become a sponsor or one of the show’s Pros or contestants, you can call Bill Montgomery at (951)545-6842 or (951)371-7550. His e-mail address is

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